(28) 2004

The expensive laptop I'd purchased on the internet is never going to show up.

Yes, I am now officially a statistic -- an online scam victim. .

The new gadget was going to be part of a scheme to boost my career, which is not skyrocketing as I had hoped.

With the Iraq War entering its second year, the quickest way to get recognition seems to be through war-related coverage. The latest buzz word in the newsroom is the "one-man band" -- a journalist who travels to assignment alone and provides coverage single-handedly, from filming to editing to reporting.

My intention was to learn these skills in my spare time, which will now be slotted for working overtime to fill the deep dent in my bank account. 

My career progression may have be delayed, but I've learned two important life lessons: (1) Never send money through Western Union to a complete stranger; and (2) One's cash flow will never run dry as long as there's the will to work.

How grateful I feel to be offered extra work by people who heard about my misfortune and wanted to help. With all the extra hours I'm putting in, it's only a matter of time before my plan will get back on track. 

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Up next, 2005!

Eileen x