(27) 2003

If this is what a midlife crisis feels like, I would gladly go through it every day and night.

"Off you go! Take it for a spin for as long as you like and be sure to come back before closing time."

Waving vigorously into the rearview mirror to our trusting salesman, I step gently on the accelerator of the car that I wish were mine.

Bright as the blue sky, this new generation of the iconic Beetle is a capsule of happiness. Everything in it is cuddly and adorable: headlights, dashboard, heated seats, the convertible dome, and a tiny vase for one lucky flower.

We zip through Atlanta's pretty Buckhead neighbourhood with the hood down, our sunglasses the only barrier between us and nature's creations.

So fresh so clean, as OutKast would say. There's nothing dirty about the Dirty South when I'm in my little bug.

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Up next, 2004!

Eileen x