(29) 2005


The homemade sign on my front lawn looks inviting next to the colorful balloons tied to the mailbox, luring passersby to check out the last day of my garage sale.

How did I acquire so much stuff in merely five years? Most of the items on display had been purchased in the last 12 months, when I started to rely on retail therapy to fill the void in my life.

20 pairs of designer high heels, all gorgeous and barely worn, line up like runway models in one corner of the garage.

Along the opposite wall are racks of clothes and bags, perfect for professional women who want to look sharp and trendy.

Stacks of china and homeware occupy the table in front of me, resting peacefully under the watchful eyes of a giant Winnie the Pooh bear.

Everything that I love has already found a good home.The house is sold. The Beetle is now the pride and joy of a sweet high school senior, according to the thank you card she sent me. The teddy bear in ladybug's clothes given to me by little sister is safely packed away. So all I need to do now is to get rid of everything else so I can start afresh.

A good boss can really change the course of your life. When I shared my intention to quit news and go travel in search of that ~something~ I was missing, she intervened and put me forward for the new opening in our London bureau. 

So here I am, packing my bags once again, ready to meet the British capital for the very first time.

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Up next, 2006!

Eileen x