(24) 2000

I'm lying on a silky sheet of turquoise sea, rocking softly from side to side with each new wave that enters the cove.

Mexico is so warm. The ocean, the weather, the culture, the people... everything I've encountered in this country has left me feeling fuzzy inside.

I haven't met any drug dealers. I haven't lost any personal belongings. However I have tasted lots of delicious tacos and made a few local friends, who have brought me to a secret cove near Todo Santos for some gentle waves and homemade margarita.

So much for the kind warnings I'd received prior to embarking on my first solo trip abroad. 

With me is a brand new digital camera -- a gift to myself for landing my dream job -- and I'm loving the instantaneous gratification it provides, all 2 megapixels of glorious landscapes that look amazing on its 3x2-in screen.

At this moment in time, life is perfect.

And I can't wait to get back home, get back to work, and get back on the road again.

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Up next, 2001!

Eileen x