(23) 1999

Georgia's sunshine is prickly, even at 7am.

I straighten my seat upright and start the engine. Good nap, I think to myself as I pull away from the gas station, where unleaded petrol costs less than bottled water at 65 cents per gallon.

By now, I've learned this 70-mile journey by heart, and I know how to get around Atlanta's notorious traffic jams and make it home and to my class in an hour.

You reap what you sow, especially when the golden opportunity you've been given isn't originally meant for you.

Thanks to some girl who turned down the offer, I am now interning at the cable news network that used to seem as distant as the sun.

Four days a week, I come to the "International Desk" and learn from an amazing group of journalists, many of whom have come from parts of the world that I can't pinpoint on the map. 

It is here that I watch the devastating earthquake in Taiwan unfold in front of my eyes.

It is here that I taste the stress and diligence of a 24-hour newsroom.

It is here that I baptize my mind with a view outside the boundaries of America.

It is here that I know what I want to be for the rest of my life.

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Up next, 1998!

Eileen x