(22) 1998

Swaying softly with the rhythm, I gaze across the landscape from our tiny U-Haul driver's compartment, now a sound box for soulful blues and croons about unrequited love and southern comfort. 

We're heading to the land of Gone With The Wind, with my life's belongings in tow.

This is not the post-university plan I had in mind, but this alternative feels strangely easy and right. . . $18,000/year reporter's salary in the Midwest V.S. full scholarship for graduate school in a new part of the country -- the decision was a quick one -- the one that allows me to be fully financially independent from mom and dad.

A perky peach smiles from the roadside as we cross the state line: "Welcome to Georgia", it says.

I smile back and crank down my window.

Southern air tastes like moist fire, mixed with scents that I don't recognize.


Like a meteor shower, beads of black UFOs rain down on our windshield, cracking their heads open and leaving pools of yellow goo that obscure our view of the road ahead. 

But only temporarily. 

With each tireless swipe from the windshield wipers, streak by streak, my vision opens up to a new state, and a new state of mind.

This time, I have Georgia in my eyes... and on my mind.

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Up next, 1999!

Eileen x