(25) 2001

"Man,... just let me sleep." I drag out my mumble as I roll over to the bedside table and reach for the telephone. 

"Come in, come in NOW," the raspy voice of my newsroom manager travels through the landline, laced with a hint of something that I can't decipher. 

"America is under attack. Come at once." That is it -- a hint of Desperation.

I turn on the TV and halt my toothbrush midair, hypnotized by the scenes unfolding on the screen,... mournful screams, utter chaos, dust-covered faces of handsome firefighters, and news anchors gobbling in high-pitched voices trying to make sense of the dramatic sequences that are today's reality.

Many lives have been interrupted on this day, but the ashes of tragedy are also nourishing many, many more genuine relationships, which will blossom and bear the fruits of new hopes and love .

What are the things that come to your mind when you think of the year 2001? Please share them below with us, or on Instagram comments or DM, or just jot them down in your private diary.

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Up next, 2002!

Eileen x