(10) 1986

"Why do people smoke, when it does them nothing but harm?" 

I kick the ground once more to push the swing higher, so I can get a better view of the man standing on the opposite side of the playground. 

One. Two. Three fluffy rings of smoke wiggle out of the pouty lips of Mr. Wu, aiming for the sky but dissipating before they can even reach the next floor of classrooms.

"What does it taste like?" Startled by my sudden presence, Mr. Wu fumbles his cigarette and falls back to earth.

"It's bitter, boring, and very bad for you," he smiles and pushes out a few tiny smoke rings as if to prove his point. 

Then he holds out his cigarette and asks if I want to give it a try.

As I struggle to choose between life and death, the cigarette is already at my lips, then it's all over.

My curiosity about tobacco has met a sudden death, delivered by a kind-hearted (and probably black-lunged) history teacher.

Cigarettes and I never met again.

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Eileen x