(11) 1987


So this is what the world looks like when you can fly. 

Glassy sky above, turquoise sea below, I release my hands from the parasail ropes and stretch my limbs into a giant X. Every inch of my bare skin should get a chance to taste the coveted Pattaya sun.

This is my first-ever trip abroad, and my mind is on overdrive.

Each moment, I observe like a bird in the sky. I may not understand what I see, but I remember how I feel.

My eyes, working tirelessly to differentiate between the various shades of people, as I try to figure out where they come from, like the two tourists who want a picture taken with the "happiest little girls" at the Grand Palace.

We assume they're Indian or Arab because they kind of resemble Aladdin, and they probably think we are Thai because we're wearing traditional sundresses and pigtails. 

This snapshot -- two wide-eyed sisters grinning in awe, flanked by two smiling young men of unknown origins, all being watched over by two mystical giant guardians -- becomes the cover photo of our Southeast Asia tour. 

A most fascinating picture made up of confusion, curiosity, and so much trust.

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Up next, 1988!

Eileen x