(9) 1985

Our favorite song has never sounded so bad.

Leaning against the front seats in our family car, little sister and I are singing enthusiastically into mom and dad's ears, totally butchering "The Jasmine", a popular folk song for which we only know the first four lines. 

We are on a road trip!

The euphoria begins on the day before during preparation, when we go to the shop and pick out unhealthy snacks that we're normally not allowed to touch.

Then to the drive itself, when we get to eat the snacks, listen to stories from dad's travels and mom's childhood, and take naps in the backseat head-to-feet, p-to-d style with legs fully stretched.

And finally to the destination, when we explore more stunning sceneries and history of our pretty little island.

Sometimes we go camping and cook food in the same way as the cavemen, and wash ourselves in the freezing river stream while watching little fish and other creatures swim past our feet.

One itchy annoyance is the mosquitoes, who are ever-present in the height of summer and always leave our legs looking like red bean popsicles.

Our road trips, always with the four of us, and always memorable.

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Up next, 1986!

Eileen x