(6) 1982

"Just one more chapter, and I'll be down for dinner!"

I yell towards the stairwell as I sink deeper into the balcony seat, burying my face in the novel that came into my possession just this morning.

Scanning the lines greedily, I can feel so many questions spinning out of my little head.

Are there really places where the sky holds more colors than what my eyes can see?

Are there really homes with secret doors that lead to the end of earth where differences are celebrated and the underdogs always win?

Are there really people who weigh your success by the gold you possess in your heart, instead of the grades you score?

I carefully place the new novel back on the shelf and proudly examine my growing book collection, all from mom and dad as rewards for whenever I make them proud.

First place in the junior piano competition would've gotten me a boxset instead of a single copy, but that's ok. There's always next time, and there's always mom and dad's library. 

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Up next, 1983!

Eileen x