(5) 1981

What has happened to my little sister?

In front of me stands a lollipop head, a miniature mirror image of me in every way but one -- she is wearing a big, fluffy wig. 

Just like the one on the head of that famous American pop star named Michael. 

She looks up as I enter the salon. Flashing a wide smile below swollen eyes, she skips over to me and holds out the lollipop she just got from the hairdresser. 

Look! It is a gift for having been a brave girl during the perming process, she tells me.

You can have a lick too, she adds generously.

Some of my friends say they don't like hanging out with their siblings, but I can never understand why. 

Ever since she can walk, the three of us have been inseparable and doing everything together -- with her security blanket as the mandatory third wheel. 

My sister is like a cartoon character coming to life, with a voice so high that can break glass, with a mouth so sweet that can melt hearts, with tear glands so active that can reverse a drought, and with creativity so abundant that makes mom and dad's rules feel like casual advice than ironclad regulations. 

"Do you want to taste it?" She asks me again, wiping off a long streak of snivel dangling down one nostril with her bodyguard blanket.

I hold out my hand for her to grab.

"Let's go scare dad with your new hair." 

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Eileen x