(7) 1983

We've got a new house, and it looks like a palace.

The New Garden City is a trendy development that draws inspiration from European architecture, boasting western-style, open-plan townhouse living and a private garage to keep your beloved car safe from the scorching sun.

Our car isn't so lucky, however, as we've transformed our parking space into a little garden - my family's oasis in this concrete jungle. 

Mom and dad never regret moving to the city, but they do miss the lushness of their hometown, where the only things obstructing the horizon are trees and cattle.

The desire to reconnect with nature drove them to purchase this house, for the flood of light that streams into every room from sunrise to sunset, and for the balconies from which we can admire the twinkly stars. 

How I look forward to every Mid-Autumn Festival, when we all gather on the balcony to honour the full moon, eat pomelos and mooncakes, and share the legend of Chang'e and other folklore heroes surrounded by a blanket of love.

Union and reunion - that's what this house is for me. 

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Up next, 1984!

Eileen x