(2) 1978

Grandma has the most wonderful roof garden in the whole wide world.

Her house is one of the tallest buildings in town. From the roof terrace on the third floor, we get a panoramic view of our gorgeous Kaisai (關西), which shares the same name as the city in Japan.

At sunset, grandma likes to bring me up to the roof garden and watch the sun go down. As the orange sky veils itself into dusk, she would whisper into my ear the most beautiful lullaby. 


Momotaro, the famous Japanese children's song, is my favorite melody from her collection, which grandma acquired during her school years under the Japanese occupation.

For 50 years, from 1895-1945, Taiwan belonged to Japan, and it is now that one recognizes the prolonged impact of one's upbringing.

I have never seen grandma in a state of unkemptness. She never goes out in public without a light layer of face powder and rouge. 

"You're showing respect to all those you encounter by putting your best face forward," she tells me. "And a clean environment is everyone's responsibility, so don't ever be afraid to get your hands dirty." 

As I doze off into oblivion, with grandma's kind, porcelain-like face beaming over mine, I am the happiest child in the whole wide world. 

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