(3) 1979

The world order is always changing. Every shift creates new winners. Every shakeup leaves some unfortunate souls behind.

This time, my motherland has lost her best friend.

Tear off a page on the calendar, overnight Taiwan goes from a trusted ally to a bastard that the U.S. finds excuses to avoid, eagerly wiping away any residue of association with this former blood sister who has now been proclaimed illegitimate... internationally, conveniently... to make room for a bigger pie.

Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China, is now unofficial. 

While the world may start to look at us through darker shades, on this island a quarter the size of England, nothing much has changed.

Our passport covers still display Republic of *China*. Our official language is still Mandarin *Chinese*. And the villainous act of one U.S. president - that's you, Mr. Nixon - will never tarnish the unbreakable bond between us and our true friends -- the American people.

Welcome to my first lesson in "The Art of Propaganda and Hypocrisy".

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Eileen x