(1) 1977

Under the foliage of a giant banyan tree, a young couple sits quietly. There's a hint of excitement in the air, revealed only by their shy smiles and the sparkles in their deep brown eyes.

In between them, in the coolness of the shades, is a tiny little bundle secured on a bouncy cradle. Her toothless giggles are the only sounds they hear, her shiny crescent-shaped eyes are the only light they see. 

It's been a few sleepless nights since they welcomed this creature into the world, but everything has already changed. The mundane life has taken on a grand sense of purpose, saturated with possibilities and hope as well as confusion and frustration -- such an exciting and challenging combination! 

So, as mom and dad accelerate into the second gear, my life begins.

What are the things that come to your mind when you think of the year 1977? Please share them below with us, or on Instagram comments or DM, or just jot them down in your private diary. 🐞
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Eileen x