Free The Night: Celebrating 24-hour London Underground Service | 倫敦夜未眠:迎接週末全天候地鐵服務

Mark your calendar - on August 19, 2016, weekend Night Tube service is coming to London!

New London Mayor Sadiq Khan confirmed the good news almost one year after the service was originally scheduled to begin. It was subsequently delayed due to disputes with unions.  

The 24-hour night tube will only run on the Central & Victoria lines in the beginning, and extend to cover the Jubilee, Northern, and Piccadilly lines in the fall.

Last year Transport for London prematurely launched a celebratory art series called First For The Tube, with the intention of staging exhibitions across London's tube stations to showcase the city's various facets. Now that's something worth resurrecting!

倫敦市長 Sadiq Khan 才剛上任,就宣布居民等待已久的好消息:倫敦交通局終於要於2016年8月19日起,開始提供週末24小時地鐵服務

推出初期只有兩條地鐵線於夜間行駛(Central 紅線 & Victoria 淺藍線) 。不過自秋天起,Jubilee (灰線),Northern (黑線) 與 Piccadilly (靛藍線,連接Heathrow機場) 也將加入週末24小時服務的行列。

倫敦地鐵的週末24小時服務原本應於2015年九月開始,但因為薪資問題爭議而推延了一整年。現在計畫重回正軌,希望交通局 Transport for London 去年推出的「First For The Tube」(地鐵的第一次) 的藝術活動也能起死回生!

Tom Beard - Ceremonials (2011), one of the 24 large-scale photographic works on displayed at Westminster Underground Station.  © Eileen Hsieh

#ThrowBackLondon - March 2015

Every night, when Big Ben's clock strikes twelve, the veil of vibrancy is lifted off London and replaced by blanket of solitude. 

Our beloved city likes to party but doesn't like to stay up late. Here, many shops close promptly at 7pm; the pubs go dark at 11pm; the trains stop running around midnight; even the "all-night" takeaway joints have a cut-off time for last orders.

But changes are coming. Soon, one of London's establishments will be breaking the mold and giving residents what they think they want -- 24-hour service. This new people's champion is none other than the Underground, affectionately known as the Tube. 

For the very first time in London Underground's history, which began more than 150 years ago in 1863, the trains will be running all-night weekend services starting from September 12, initially serving five of its lines with 6 to 8 trains every hour.


我們鍾愛的城市愛玩樂但不愛熬夜。倫敦與其他國際大都市不同之處,就是她的作息時間 -- 許多店鋪晚上7點準時關門; 酒吧11點熄燈; 地鐵午夜左右停止運行; 連標榜「通宵達旦」的外賣店竟然也有訂單截止時間。

好消息是,倫敦正在悄悄的轉型為不夜城,已有機構準備要打破常規,開始提供居民們24小時的服務。而這位最新的城市英雄就是暱稱「the Tube」的倫敦地鐵。



The minimalist design of Westminster Underground Station has earned it numerous architectural accolades. © Eileen Hsieh

To celebrate this monumental moment for the capital, Transport for London (TfL) has launched a series of events called "First For The Tube" to be staged in and around the Underground network, and the first in the lineup is "Free The Night", an impressive photographic exhibition inside London's favorite tube station -- Westminster. 

24 large-scale photographic works by renowned photographers have been placed in the station's alcoves, reflecting London's storied past and ingesting a trace of romance and nostalgia into this Brutalist architectural gem.

The Westminster Station photo exhibition runs until April 12.

為了慶祝這一里程碑,倫敦交通局 (TfL) 將陸續推出了一系列名為 「First For The Tube」(地鐵的第一次)的藝術活動,而第一個展會「Free The Night」的地點就是人氣最高的西敏站



Juergen Teller - Young Pink Kate, London (1998). © Eileen Hsieh

Westminster Underground Station has been voted by TimeOut readers as their favorite station in London. © Eileen Hsieh

Cecil Beaton -  The Soapsuds Group (1930). © Eileen Hsieh

Rankin - An Underground Hero (1989). © Eileen Hsieh

Ted Polhemus - New Romantics (1981). © Eileen Hsieh

TfL Free The Night Photographic Exhibition

Now - April 12, 2015

Westminster Underground Station