What's For Breakfast? Burger... And Lobster! | 早餐吃什麼?漢堡... 與龍蝦!

Scrambled eggs with lobster meat on English muffin, one of the three items on Burger & Lobster's new breakfast menu. 「漢堡 & 龍蝦」的新早餐:龍蝦炒蛋配英式鬆餅。© Eileen Hsieh 2015

Back in 2011, when Britain was slowly recovering from the effects of the Eurozone financial crisis, a little restaurant called Burger & Lobster opened in the swanky Mayfair, giving thrifty Londoners a taste of affordable luxury with a simple menu of three items:  whole lobster, lobster roll or burger -- served with a nicely dressed salad and french fries, all for the delicious price of £20.

A self-styled North American "diner" with a set-price surf & turf menu.

It was arguably the best lobster deal in town, and despite some initial skepticism over the quality of the Nova Scotia shellfish, new and return customers (myself included) continued to endure the long queue outside the trendy, no-reservation restaurant. 

2011年,當英國正緩慢地從歐元區金融危機中恢復元氣,一家名為漢堡 & 龍蝦」小餐館在倫敦時髦的 Mayfair 開業,帶給正在學習如何精打細算的倫敦人物超所值的餐飲經驗。顧名思義,餐廳的菜單上只有三項選擇:整只龍蝦,龍蝦卷和漢堡 -- 附上一盤沙拉和炸薯條,一餐定價只要 20 英鎊。


在倫敦,龍蝦算是高價位的食材,因此最初有人對 Buger & Lobster 的品質與商業模式持著懷疑的態度。不過食客依然天天大排長龍,耐心地在這家不接受預約的餐廳外等待,期待享受加拿大新斯科舍的美味海鮮。

Before long, Londoners were trapped in the tasty (lobster!!) and safety (£20!!) net cast by this tiny heartthrob, and its branches sprang up like mushrooms across the (rainy) city.

It’s interesting to note that over the years, no one has shown more love for Burger & Lobster than London’s tourists, especially those visiting from Asia, where a kilogram of Mexican lobster can set you back $30 or more. For my family visiting from Taiwan, this place is automatically built into their itinerary, sometimes more than once.


有趣的是,倫敦的觀光客也超愛「漢堡 & 龍蝦」,尤其是來自亞洲的旅客,因為那裡龍蝦價位偏高,比較少機會享受。所以每次我的家人朋友來倫敦,都一定會拜訪它一兩次。

This grilled lobster set was the first of my many meals at Burger & Lobster. 這套烤龍蝦定食是我在「漢堡 & 龍蝦」的第一餐。 © Eileen Hsieh

Stunning interior at Burger & Lobster's newest location on Threadneedle Street in the City of London. 最新的「漢堡 & 龍蝦」位於倫敦金融區的Threadneedle Street,裝璜讓人眼睛一亮。© Eileen Hsieh 2015

Now the popular diner has opened its ninth location -- in the City of London just steps away from the Bank of England, still with the inflation-proof price of £20 per set lunch or dinner.

A first for the franchise, the new Threadneedle Street branch is serving breakfast, again with just three items on the menu:

。 6oz breakfast burger with poached egg, hash browns and beans

。 American-style pancakes with maple syrup and crispy bacon

。 Scrambled eggs with lobster meat on English muffin

Each meal comes with a hot drink (tea or coffee) and a juice (orange or pineapple are the only choices during my visit) for £15.

當年的小餐館至今已經開了九家分店,最新的地點位於倫敦金融區,離英格蘭銀行總部只有幾步之遙,提供同樣的 20 英鎊套餐。

與以往不同的是,新開的 Threadneedle Street 分店開始提供早餐,菜單上還是只有三項選擇:



。 龍蝦炒蛋配英式鬆餅

每套餐配有熱飲(茶或咖啡)和果汁(我訪問時只有桔子與鳳梨汁可選),定價 15 英鎊。

American-style   pancakes with maple syrup and crispy bacon.   美  式煎餅,配  楓糖漿和香脆培根。  © Burger & Lobster on Instagram

American-style pancakes with maple syrup and crispy bacon. 式煎餅,配楓糖漿和香脆培根。© Burger & Lobster on Instagram

6oz breakfast burger with poached egg, hash browns and   beans.   6盎司早餐漢堡加  水煮嫩  蛋,馬鈴薯餅與  茄汁豆。  © Burger & Lobster on Instagram

6oz breakfast burger with poached egg, hash browns and beans. 6盎司早餐漢堡加水煮嫩蛋,馬鈴薯餅與茄汁豆。© Burger & Lobster on Instagram

As usual, I go for the set with lobster. As expected, it is delicious. The eggs are soft without being runny, the English muffin is tasty without being soggy, but admittedly I am a little disappointed by the tiny pieces of lobster meat which is overwhelmed by the eggs. I’d envisioned it to be the breakfast equivalent of the lobster roll, where every bite is filled with large pieces of succulent lobster meat. 

Still, it is a very pleasant meal. The service is upbeat and friendly. The restaurant’s premise is airy and beautifully decorated with super high ceiling and large windows, making the most of London’s unpredictable sunshine. Maybe the introduction of breakfast at the newest Burger & Lobster is a sign of things to come. I would not mind, at all, the option of having lobster for breakfast at a branch closer to home. 

我選擇了龍蝦炒蛋配英式鬆餅,炒蛋柔軟順口,英式鬆餅香甜不膩,但我對點綴性的小片龍蝦肉有點失望,因為本以為它會像平常的龍蝦卷 (lobster roll) 一樣,每一口都可以吃到大塊多汁的龍蝦肉。

大體來說,這是一個愉快的用餐經驗,服務好之外,餐廳超高挑的天花板與大窗戶,引進倫敦的陽光,讓人眼睛一亮。若漢堡 & 龍蝦」開始在其他離家較近的分店提供早餐的話,我將很願意再次光臨!

Coffee or tea and juice complete Burger & Lobster's breakfast set-menu. 「漢堡 & 龍蝦」的早餐套餐配有熱飲(茶或咖啡)和果汁。© Eileen Hsieh 2015

Beautiful venue on Threadneedle Street, steps from the Bank of England. 新分店位於倫敦金融區,離英格蘭銀行總部只有幾步之遙。© Eileen Hsieh 2015

Burger & Lobster 漢堡 & 龍蝦

Grilled lobster set at Burger & Lobster. B&L 的烤龍蝦套餐。


FARRINGDON - 40 St Johns Street, London EC1M 4AY

BREAD STREET - 1 Bread Street, London EC4M 9BE

THREADNEEDLE STREET - 52 Threadneedle Street London EC2R 8AY