(14) 1990

America smells like chestnuts and dry maple leaves.

From the side of the walking trail, I gently pick up another three-lobed leave and add it to the bunch already in my hand. This one is in the color of warm golden sun, and will look gleeful against the cranberry red and pumpkin orange in my curation of pressed plants.

Trailing behind is my little Snow White, waltzing in the forest with arms extended, stretching out her sweatshirt which is struggling to hold the weight of so many shining, pebble-like chestnuts.

Knock knock! The door opens.

Now, America smells like apple pie and hot chocolate.

We quickly lay our acquisitions on the kitchen table and move into the living room, where dad is currently high-fiving the ceiling and mom clutching her hands to her chest.

On TV, an elegant dancer moves in slow-motion across the screen, walking on air with his tongue sticking out and effortlessly dropping the ball into the high basket.

2️⃣3️⃣  -- Air Jordan, who makes the impossible possible -- is the one figure our whole family worships.

This is our America. We have no Micky Mouse, no Statue of Liberty, just lots of nice people, lush trees, and countless TV channels showing things about this gigantic country. 

You may not know anything about our America, but I bet you've heard of it. 

🎵  🎶  Country roads, take me home... To the place I belong... West Virginia, mountain momma...
Take me home, country roads. 🎶  🎵


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Eileen x