(13) 1989

"Say it after me. Eye Leen -- eye like 'love' (愛), leen like 'other' (另) -- Eileen." 

A young blond looks eagerly into my eyes as I try to follow his broken Mandarin.

"Eye Leen.... My name is Eileen," I stare back at him, sensing his pride growing with each word that comes out of my mouth.

I'm not sure where mom found this Irish-American guy, but he has just named me for life.

For a new life -- in America. 

For dad, it's a dream come true to be pursuing a post-graduate degree in the U.S.A.

For mom, it's to forfeit a successful career for an uncertain future.

For my sister and I, it's Disneyland, Santa Claus, and schools with less exams and more fun.

In six months' time, we will be saying goodbye to everything that we've ever known.

In six months' time, I will be proudly telling my new friends across the pond, in perfect English:

"My name is Eileen, and I'm from Taiwan." 

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Up next, 1990!

Eileen x