(39) 2015

What must a woman do to be seen as "professional" in the workplace?

Blunt your emotions. 
Show no weaknesses. 
Stop being a girl.

Because a girl - as opposed to a woman - is seen as naive, happy-go-lucky, ideal and trusting, and thus cannot be tasked with serious or difficult responsibilities.

Recently for work I had to watch a documentary called Running From Crazy, which followed one of Ernest Hemingway's granddaughters as she tried to grasp the history of her family's mental illness.

Mariel was an engaging protagonist, but I was more fascinated by her mother's journey, who relied on alcohol to console her suppressed free-spirit, because she "just wanted to be a girl" but could no longer. As a socialite she was shackled to the society's expectations, and she left this world an unhappy woman. 

Maybe that's why the corporate mold fits me no longer, because I am a "girl" as defined above, and I don't want to change.

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Up next, 2016!

Eileen x