(33) 2009

This is not the version of events I had pictured in my dreams. It is so much better. 

I'm now sharing the world's biggest news stories with not just anyone, but those who speak my native tongue.

When I put forth the proposal to start our network's first Chinese news program, most people around me were supportive but cynical. "It's never been done before, so don't get your hopes up," they'd tell me in various ways.

Now, I get to present an objective perspective of news events to the viewers inside one of the most censored countries on earth, giving them the world as seen from outside their ivory tower. And in return I'm educated on the version as told by the Chinese authorities.

Same stories, different perspectives. It's not my job to tell you what to think. I just provide the facts so you can decide for yourself. 

What are the things that come to your mind when you think of the year 2009? Please share them below with us, or on Instagram comments or DM, or just jot them down in your private diary.

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Up next, 2010!

Eileen x