(31) 2007

I concede: conflicts and I don't go well together.

I can't shield myself from the atmosphere around me. At violent demonstrations, the protesters' anger reverberates through me. In the aftermath of disasters, the victims' tears devastate me.

Now, sitting in my room inside a fortified compound in the safest part of Baghdad, all I can feel is the destructive forces at this very moment demolishing innocent lives, with each new bomb that falls a short distance away.

When they executed Saddam Hussein by hanging, I could not lift my eyes to watch the process, let alone to cheer for his demise. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. No one deserves to die in such an undignified way, regardless of the atrocities that he might have committed. 

I don't belong here.

To think that just a few months ago I was chasing Bruno in Bavaria, the first brown bear sighted in Germany in over 100 years. What a fun trip, to be out in nature all day, working with the loveliest team of reporter and cameraman and talking to farmers whose livestock fell victim to the furry predator.

Maybe the bullet that missed my head was a sign, telling me that the path I thought I wanted is not the road I should take.

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Up next, 2008!

Eileen x