(19) 1995

Life is not always fair, is it?

There are so many people who work hard for their dreams and deserve a break, so why does luck always favor me?

Today is a big day. I'm finally starting training for a job that I've been wanting since coming to the U.S. -- to work at a fast food restaurant.

I may be wearing the ugliest rubber sole shoes right now, but they're designed to keep me safe on the slippery floor of McDonald's busy kitchen, so they will stay.

I have half an hour to kill before my appointment, so I decide to get familiarized with the layout of my new workspace.

Drive thru...
Santa Claus?

A pair of gray eyes are smiling at me. A step backward reveals an elderly gentleman with pink chubby cheeks and snowy white hair - Einstein style but with soft loose curls.

What a happy man he is. Bubbly, talkative, and kind too... few would offer to share his Big Mac meal with a complete stranger.

Several french fries later, I swap one dream job for another. My new friend is looking for a part-time assistant for his office, and he offers the job to me right there and then.

So throughout college, the Equal Employment Opportunity office is my second home, where I work alongside and learn from the most upstanding and compassionate Director -- i.e. Mr. Santa.

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Up next, 1996!

Eileen x