(17) 1993

From a distance, I can see a feathery projectile traveling towards me at high speed.

Like a rocket that fails after launch, it's hopelessly making its way back to earth, waving goodbye to the sun, the clouds, the birds, the trees, before crash landing on the smooth tarmac that is my forehead.

Laughter erupts.

"How can you not see that coming!"

Little sister squeals as she runs after the shuttlecock that's now bouncing downhill, grateful to be intact and running for its life through the maze of the forest.

"Money wasted," Dad sighs from across the road.

Sarcasm -- not a strong point but a favorite of his -- can't conceal the joy in those deep crescent eyes, framed front and center behind his dark rimmed glasses.

I twirl towards him with head held high, scanning my surrounding like a color printer's cartridge, skating back and forth as my eyes absorb the shades of life.

"Let's do it again," I plead to my four-eyed parents.

"Let's see how good these contact lenses really are." 

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Eileen x