Real Bread Recipe: The Fabulous Wheaten Bread | 真實麵包食譜:小麥麵包

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I will always remember the exact moment when bread became an integral part of my life. It was on a cold, rainy evening in Georgia, shortly after Christmas, when I made my first-ever loaf of bread in my brand new breadmaker.

It was the simplest recipe - a classic white loaf that I found on the back pages of the instructional booklet for the bread machine. Five ingredients (flour, yeast, water, sugar, salt and oil), five minutes of preparation, and after three hours of waiting, a perfectly formed loaf of bread was born, and my apartment was filled with the most intoxicating aroma of happiness.

That was the moment I fell in love with bread.

I'd liken the bread-making process to making coffee in a Nespresso coffee maker -- minimum effort required, satisfaction guaranteed. When you make bread at home, you can enjoy it with the comforting knowledge that only the purest ingredients are used, so there's no risk of consuming any unwanted artificial additives. It is based on this philosophy that the Real Bread Campaign was born, to get more people to appreciate the beauty of bread in its most natural form. 

Every year during the Real Bread Week, we celebrate not only the bread but its makers, and this time I've chosen to highlight my favorite baking duo on British television -- the Fabulous Baker Brothers -- and their fabulously delicious wheaten bread recipe.


我選擇嘗試最簡單的食譜 -- 經典白麵包,只需六種材料(麵粉,酵母,水,糖,鹽和油),花個五分鐘混合攪勻,倒入麵包機即可。三個小時後,一條有模有樣的麵包便誕生了,隨之而來暖暖的天然麵包香,環繞著整個公寓。


麵包製作的過程,就像用Nespresso咖啡機煮咖啡 -- 只需花一指神功之力,成品保證滿意。在自家烤麵包的好處多多,簡單可口多花樣以外,最重要的是吃的安心,不怕吃進人工添加劑。正是基於這一理念,英國的「真實麵包運動」誕生了,來推廣麵包的自然美。

一年一度的「真實麵包週」期間,我們要慶祝的不僅是麵包而已,還有賦予它們生命的師傅們。今天我就來和大家分享由我最喜歡的英國烘焙雙雄 -- The Fabulous Baker Brothers 貝克兄弟 -- 所提供的小麥麵包食譜,向愛麵包的大小師傅們致敬!

The Fabulous Baker Brother's Wheaten Bread

Click here for full recipe from Waitrose TV

Freshly baked wheaten bread is made perfect with a bit of butter or jam. 剛出爐的小麥麵包,無論是配奶油還是果醬都好吃。© Waitrose TV


1茶匙 海鹽
2小匙 砂糖
1茶匙 蘇打
50克 燕麥,外加少許燕麥灑烤盤用
20克 奶油,外加少許奶油塗烤盤表面用
100毫升 黑糖蜜
200毫升 全脂牛奶
200毫升 酸酪乳


1. 預熱烤箱170℃。若有烘焙石頭(baking stone),把它放進烤箱預熱10分鐘。

2. 將麵粉,鹽,糖,蘇打與燕麥在大碗裡混合均勻。

3. 把奶油與糖漿加入平底鍋,用小火加熱直到融化。

4. 將液體混合物加入乾燥成分裡,攪拌均勻成為濕麵團。

5. 烤盤內塗上奶油,灑上薄薄一層燕麥後,將濕麵團放進烤盤。

6. 把剩下的燕麥灑在濕麵團上,蓋上鋁箔,放進烤箱烤35分鐘。

7. 移開鋁箔紙,再烤10分鐘就完成了!