#BeautyTalk: A Fresh Look at London's Oldest Pharmacy

D.R. Harris & Co. was established during King George III's reign. 

Some of the oldest and best-selling products in the D.R. Harris line


I was walking down St. James's Street near Green Park one sunny autumn afternoon when something adorable caught my eye. Basting in the warm glow of the sun, it was a shop selling vintage-style skincare products for women and men.

D.R. Harris & Co., chemists & perfumers, established in 1790.

How I'd managed to miss this historic place in the past, I don't know. But it would be inexcusable not to check it out now that I'd "discovered" the existence of a 220-year-old brand. 

It also has a sizable own brand product line, and they're on full display by the entrance, welcoming you with their sweet, floral scent. The simply packaged products look similar to other heritage apothecary lines such as C.O. Bigelow (1838) and Kiehl's (1851) in the U.S. As for the price, D.R. Harris sits comfortably in between its American counterparts.

D.R. Harris' product line has something for everyone

According to Alison, the friendly managing director, the Almond Oil Skinfood cream is one of their oldest and best-selling items. It has a subtle, sweet smell and feels nourishing on the skin. It's also an all-purpose super cream that can be used as everything from "a night treatment to massage cream to hand lotion," says its box. Sounds as magical as the Egyptian Magic cream that's in vogue now. 

I was fascinated by the abundance of men's products on the shelf. Who says metrosexuality is a modern invention? D.R. Harris has been making skincare products and fancy soft bristle shaving brushes for the less fair sex for centuries, and today the brand still has a loyal - and royal - following.

If it's good enough for Prince Charles, it's good enough for me.


P.S. Post updated to include D.R. Harris' new store in Piccadilly.

D.R. Harris has a loyal following but is still very much a hidden gem

Tools for a proper, old-school shave

D. R. Harris & Co.

35 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AY, United Kingdom SEE MAP

Opening Hours: 

Monday-Friday: 8.30am - 6.00pm

Saturday: 9.30am - 5pm


52 Piccadilly, London W1J 0DX, United Kingdom SEE MAP

Opening Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 10.00am - 6.00pm