Moving On, My Life Awaits - My InstaReflection

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When was the last time you let go of something that had once been as precious as your own life? 

This something, could be anything -- memory, habit, romance or friendship -- it might have occupied your mental and physical space, and consumed your mental and physical energy for a significant period of time, and it had the power to make you feel grounded, needed, and loved.

It fuelled your happiness. 

Therefore, even when this something starts to take on a different shape, go a different direction, creates more doubt than affirmation, we often have trouble pushing it away.

The soft-hearted ones, may find it cruel to leave this something behind.

The sentimental ones, may find it difficult to part with all the memories shared.

To solve this dilemma, a pragmatic approach is necessary. 

We need to ask the question -- Is this something good for you? 

Not in the past or future tense, but the PRESENT.

For me, I kissed this something goodbye, with heart full of gratefulness and love. 

And to my biggest surprise -- I felt relieved. Overwhelmingly.

No sadness. No regret. Just the feeling of lightness when I tip over, and let this invisible weight that I had unconsciously carried, fall off my shoulders.