A Grand Stay: Al Palazzo del Marchese di Camugliano in Florence|短暫沈醉在佛羅倫斯的貴族歷史裡

Al Palazzo del Marchese di Camugliano is not a typical hotel or bed and breakfast. It is a historic, magnificent and comfortable "palace", literally, in the center of Florence, capital of Tuscany.

This town mansion house is owned by Italy's Marquis Lorenzo Niccolini di Camugliano of the prominent Niccolini family, who has numerous properties in the region including villas in the lush Tuscan countryside as well as another Florence residence with direct view of Italy's "birthplace of the Renaissance" - the Duomo.

位於托斯卡納首都佛羅倫斯的市中心,Al Palazzo del Marchese di Camugliano 不是典型的旅館,也不算是民宿,是個有著長久歷史,低調舒適的貴族居所。

這棟透天豪宅的主人是來自義大利著名 尼可里尼家庭 的 Lorenzo Niccolini di Camugliano 侯爵,富裕的他在佛羅倫薩大教堂對面還有一棟房子,現在也改為了五星級精品酒店,讓來自世界各地的旅客能有機會回到過去,體驗貴族般的精緻生活。

Set in a 16th-century building just minutes from the Arno river, the Palazzo has 10 rooms and suites, all sympathetically furnished in Italian Renaissance style. Every room is spacious and unique, with original frescoes, four-poster bed and large marble bathroom. The guests also have access to complimentary wireless internet and a minibar stocked with water, soft drinks and a few bottles of local beer.

In the morning a freshly prepared breakfast is served either in the beautiful inner courtyard, where guests can enjoy tea in the afternoon as well as apertif in the evening. 

Al Palazzo 是座16世紀獨立門戶的建築,離阿諾河只有幾分鐘的路程。別墅裡有10間寬敞的客房,每間都有四柱床,大理石浴室,而牆上的裝飾是源於文藝復興時期的精美壁畫,翻修後以原貌重現。



The Palazzo is conveniently located near many touristy destinations, including the Duomo, the medieval bridge Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, and the Accademia Gallery where you'll find the original David by Michelangelo.

It's also a short walk from countless restaurants and gelaterie. For delicious Florentine steaks and Tuscan cuisine, L'Osteria di Giovanni down the road is sure to please.

After extensive experiments we can also recommend the following places for heavenly gelato: the trendy Amalo and the beloved, family-run Vestri Cioccolateria (both on the same square near the Basilica di Santa Croce), and the friendly Eataly gourmet market just a 2-minute walk from the Duomo (their latte flavor is out of this world!) 

許多旅遊觀光景點,包括聖母百花大教堂,中世紀老橋烏菲茲美術館,和Accademia 美術館 (米開朗基羅的大衛像所在地)等等,離酒店都只有10-20分鐘的腳程而已。

來到佛羅倫斯勢必要品嚐托斯卡尼赫赫有名的碳烤丁骨牛排 (Florentine steak)。Al Palazzo 大門兩百公尺外,便是深受當地居民喜愛的 L'Osteria di Giovann 傳統托斯卡尼餐廳,夜夜滿座,所以建議先請酒店幫忙訂位,以免失望。

當然也不可錯過口味眾多,口感細膩的義式冰淇淋 gelato. 我們嘗試了很多家,覺得最值得推薦的就是位於聖十字聖殿附近同ㄧ個廣場上的 Amalo 與 Vestri Cioccolateria,前者摩登,後者則是常登上旅遊雜誌的老店,各有特色。另外大教堂旁的 Eataly 意大利美食超市內設的冰淇淋專櫃也很棒,尤其是它的鮮奶霜淇淋,好香好濃,回味無窮。

For one of the most spectacular views of Florence, make your way south of the river to the hilltop Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte, one of the finest Romanesque structures and the most beautiful churches in all of Italy.

After feasting your eyes and tiring your legs, you can retire to the Palazzo and learn more about this great city, as the house has its very own historical archive covering the history of Florence and Granducato through the origin of the Niccolini family and their estate in Camugliano.


Al Palazzo 其實也是個值得歷史迷參觀的小景點,居所內展出許多尼可里尼家庭的歷史檔案,有興趣的人可以經由這個貴族家庭一代代的成就來研究,來了解佛羅倫斯百年來轉變的過程。


Al Palazzo del Marchese di Camugliano

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