AMS: A Layover-Friendly Airport

Amsterdam is a quirky, exciting city worth many visits. From London it's less than a five-hour train ride or 1.5-hour flight away, and many visitors never linger in its beautiful airport long enough to appreciate all the services it offers.

Did you know that the airport has a permanent library where passengers can borrow from a collection of 1,200 books in various languages?

Did you know that the Rijksmuseum national museum runs a free exhibit above the library showcasing ten pieces of classical and contemporary art from its permanent collection?

There's also a playroom for the children, a lounge area with electric fireplaces and large TV screens, and a Dutch-themed food and entertainment area called the "Holland Boulevard".

I discovered all of the above last week during a five-hour layover at Schiphol, which made killing time and staying awake much more achievable. The Amsterdam airport has done an excellent job showcasing the city's hospitality with its cozy, layover-friendly amenities, and I boarded my flight from AMS as one happy traveller. 

AMS painting girl
AMS painting