London ePrix:Motor Racing of the Future | 未來的狂野時速:ePrix 電動方程式錦標賽

London ePrix:Motor Racing of the Future | 未來的狂野時速:ePrix 電動方程式錦標賽

The inaugural season of ePrix Formula E series concludes in London this summer. 首屆電動方程式錦標賽的閉幕賽將在倫敦舉行。 (Image: FIA Formula E)

Often ranked as one of the world's greenest cities, London is proud of its eco-friendly image and constantly embracing innovations that are gentle to the environment. That effort is most visible in the streets, which are dominated by double-deck hybrid buses and "Boris bikes" (rental bicycles named after the city's mayor Boris Johnson).

This weekend, thousands of motor racing fans will be gathering in the capital to witness the ePrix, the world’s first fully-electric racing series.

The inaugural Formula E series, which began last September in Beijing and will conclude in London’s Battersea Park on June 27-28, is out to prove to the world that motor racing can be exciting as well as environmentally friendly, without all the noise, fumes and gas-guzzling vehicles associated with the traditional Formula One series.



2014-15 首屆電動方程式錦標賽(Formula E)總共有十站比賽,去年九月於北京開賽,環繞全球後,將於6月27-28日在倫敦的巴特西公園結束賽季,宗旨就是要向世界證明,低汙染,低噪音的賽車活動也可以像傳統的「一級方程式」一樣精彩。

ePrix London will take place in the leafy Battersea Park by the River Thames. 坐落于泰晤士河畔的巴特西公園是倫敦電動方程式的賽場。(ImageFIA Formula E)

So how is Formula E different from the traditional car races? It’s all about the cars!

The vehicles racing in the ePrix are entirely powered by lithium-ion batteries, can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in about 3 seconds and hit a top speed of 140mph (compared to 233mph in Formula 1).

The drivers don’t need to refuel either, instead they just change cars in the pit since the batteries take too long to recharge.


電動賽車沒有內燃機引擎,用的是由鋰離子電池完全供電的電動馬達,0~62英里加速僅需約3秒,最高時速達 140 英里(一程式賽車的極限為時速 233 英里)。


Map of Battersea Park Street Circuit. 巴特西公園街道賽地圖。(ImageFIA Formula E)

The two-day event will take place on the Battersea Park Street Circuit, which follows the perimeter of the leafy park on the banks of the Thames.

So if you happen to be a motorsport lover and eco-warrior, this is the perfect way to spend a scorching weekend! Although most of the reserved tickets are already sold out, you can still enjoy the race from inside the park with a £8 ticket to the eVillage fan entertainment zone, which offers jumbo screens and a possibility of seeing the actual track.

Of course, you'll able to watch the London ePrix on TV and online

Happy racing!


如果你愛賽車也愛環保,ePrix 電動方程式將是享受炎熱週末的最佳活動選擇。雖然大部分的預售票已經賣完了,你還是可以買張8英鎊的 eVillage 門票,來到公園裡的娛樂村在大螢幕上看現場轉播,還「可能瞄到」(官網用詞)實際的賽車道,盡情享受比賽的氣氛。

懶得出門的話,你也可以在電視和網路上收看倫敦 ePrix 的實況轉播


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