Tsai Chin: An Unforgettable Voice

Tsai Chin: An Unforgettable Voice

Image source: Universal Music

The deep voice of Tsai Chin sticks out like a sore thumb in the world of Chinese pop music. Contralto is not a trendy sound in Asia, which makes the longevity of her popularity even more phenomenal. 

Often branded a "pop and folk singer," Tsai's songs were the only non-classical music that my mother would allow us to fall asleep to. Her lyrics are always very romantic, but at that young age all I could appreciate was the mesmerizing melody and her soothing voice.

Now in her 50's and looking more stunning than ever, Tsai's music has crossed numerous boundaries and touched many hearts. I hope you'll too enjoy these videos that I found online... by the peerlessly fabulous songstress.

「恰似你的溫柔」Just Like Your Tenderness

「不了情」Endless Love

「何日君再來」When Would You Come Again? 

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