Kosher, Halal or Regular?

Kosher, Halal or Regular?

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Which meat do you prefer? Kosher, Halal or regular?

It's one question that never crossed my mind, because the only meat I've ever eaten is the kind that doesn't come with a special notice on the menu (unless it's organic or spicy.) Therefore it's probably safe to say that I have never had kosher or halal meat. Not knowingly, at least.

My friend Tony is half Jewish and a chef. He cooks and eats all kinds of meat but swears on the superior taste of kosher meat.

So what exactly is halal and kosher meat?

Yahoo Answers tells me: Halal means the animal was killed and the meat handled in accordance with the methods in the Koran. The dietary laws are very similar to the Jewish requirements to be Kosher. The meat is supposed to have as much blood removed as possible and the animal is supposed to be killed quickly and the blood drained.

It's ironic that animal rights activists around the world have now picked a fight with kosher and halal meat, claiming the process of killing animals with one clean cut across the throat and letting them bleed to death is cruel in comparison to the conventional way of slaughter, which is to render animals temporarily unconscious with a device that causes a brain hemorrhage. 

Think death by electrocution. Neither sounds like a pleasant way to meet one's end to me.

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Whether or not you support kosher and halal meat, the demand for it is undeniable. The world's largest fast food chain Subway now has kosher stores in North America and halal stores in Britain and Ireland, and the specialty menu looks every bit as enticing as the regular one.

Here comes the million dollar question - which type of meat is the most diet-friendly?

If the 6" low-fat Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki takes your fancy, a regular version of the sandwich will add 380 calories to your daily intake, halal sandwich - 350 calorie, and the kosher version - 320 calories. 

What about the trademark low-fat Subway Club Sandwich? Regular version - 310 calories. Halal version - 298 calories. Kosher version - 307 calories. 

So have you made your choice? Kosher, Halal or regular?

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Regular Subway Menu

Halal Subway Menu

Kosher Subway Menu

Kosher Subway Menu

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