Why I Can't Wait for The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Canaletto Westminster Bridge 1746. (Source: Wikipedia.org)

The Thames today doesn't nearly resemble the river I've read about in history books. It's not always vibrant. It's definitely not busy.

In my six years in London, the only moving things I've seen in the Thames are the Clippers, cargos and cruises, the Cambridge and Oxford rowers, triathletes and seagulls. 

But thanks to Queen Elizabeth II and her long reign, I now have a chance to witness a historic spectacle during Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee weekend in 2012 - a flotilla of 1,000 boats sailing down the Thames.


"Before Victorian times, the river was very regularly used for celebrations. This is where you'll have a piece of theatre on the water, with lots of boats, bands and performances that the country will come out to watch." 

- The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant


A year from now, I will be standing on the same riverbanks as bygone Londoners and enjoying a magnificent show put on by the monarch.

History lessons don't get better than this.

Read more: Buckingham Palace unveils Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee plans



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Enjoy this lovely video from the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. 



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