Lavender Dreams: Provence, France

Lavender Dreams: Provence, France

Mom became smitten with southern France after reading Peter Mayle's "A Year in Provence." She was longing to experience the laid-back lifestyle and stunning scenery portrayed in the book, so we went to the lavender country for a relaxing vacation inspired by nature, culture and gastronomy.

Our criteria for this trip were the following:

Destination: Provence, France
Departure City: London, England
Number of Travellers: 2
Budget: $3000
Trip Length: 7-10 days
Preferred Time of Travel: July or August
Preferred Activities: Arts & Culture / Food & Drink / Nature & Outdoors / Relaxation / Anything that’s free! 
- Visit lavender fields
- Visit Van Gogh’s home in Arles
- Need a rental car
- Charming accommodations

Although $3000 wasn't a whole lot of money considering all the places we wanted to visit, southern France was relatively affordable compared to Paris. I decided to strive for an authentic, country-living experience with a sophisticated finish. 

The result was a journey full of wonderment and epiphanies. Mom went so far as calling it the best trip she'd ever done with me. Success!

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In Her Own Words光影跳躍的普羅旺斯 | The Rhythm of Provence

Here's a look at our final Lavender Dreams itinerary. The total cost of transportation and accommodation came to $2430, leaving a decent budget for a few nice meals and souvenir shopping trips.

You'll also find a video diary with highlights from our journey through southern France (with music from the amazing Andrea Bocelli.)

Provence is truly a stunning and inspirational place - one that I'll return to time and time again. 

Day 1

London -> Paris

Paris -> Roussillon

By Eurostar

By car

$120/person round trip

$400/week           car rental

Day 1-4



La Commedia Dell Arte B&B


with breakfast

Day 4-6

Les Baux



Le Prince Noir B&B *

*We saw falling stars here! :D


with breakfast

Day 6-9




Maison Rouge en Provence B&B


with breakfast

Day 9


-> Paris

By TGV train



Day 9-12


Hotel des GrandsHommes


Breakfast $15/day

Day 12

Paris -> London

By Eurostar

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