Seeking Freedom On The Highline

Seeking Freedom On The Highline

How far would you go for that feeling of freedom?

For these two French men, the answer is the ends of the earth. Literally.

Tancrède Melet and Julien Millot are pioneers of an art form called ‘highlining’ - a combination of climbing, slackline and tightrope walking at extremely large distances above the ground or water. They, along with other members of the Skyliners team, went to the Norwegian fjords for an ultimate challenge - to walk on a one-inch nylon webbing anchored between cliffs, thousands of meters above the ground.

Just look at this photo. This is an act that many people would consider as seeking death.

A film documenting their free flight journey around the world is scheduled to release on November 11, 2011. Melet and Millot's daring acts have left my heart racing, but the true hero behind this breathtaking video is the cinematographer Sébastien Montaz-Rosset, whose mountain climbing experience came in handy in capturing those cliffhanger moments.

Watch the trailer. It's the best armchair roller coaster ride that I've ever had.

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